MIT’s Hurdle Jumping Cheetah Robot Is Proof That Technology Is Becoming Scary-Awesome

You’ve probably seen those small little robotic dog toys…. However, you probably haven’t seen a robotic cheetah. MIT researchers have built a robotic cheetah that is smart enough to jump over obstacles autonomously. It may look heavy and clunky but, to land the running jump, this cheetah maps out its path and estimates the objects height and distance, setting it up to successfully clear the obstacle. MIT says that this is the first four-legged robot to be able to jump over obstacles autonomously.

Back in September, the robot performed “blind” while sprinting on an indoor track at approximately 10 mph. Now, the robot cheetah — comprised of gears, batteries, and electric motors — has the ability to see. MIT stated on their website, “The team developed a three-part algorithm to plan out the robot’s path, based on LIDAR data. Both the vision and path-planning system are onboard the robot, giving it complete autonomous control.”


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