Restaurant Makes Hilariously Honest Menu To Deal With Difficult Kids

As most parents know, figuring out what your child wants to eat can be a tug of war, which is why one Pennsylvania deli crafted the most brutally honest kid’s menu you’ve probably ever seen.

The options include:

“I Don’t Know:” Hot dog with French fries
“I Don’t Care:” Chicken tenders with French fries
“I’m Not Hungry:” Grilled cheese with French fries
“I Don’t Want That:” Fish sticks with French fries

Does this menu sum up the battle you two have when it’s time to sit your kid down to eat? We’re sure most parents will appreciate the hubris in this and perhaps even avoid a few arguments.

If they still can’t make up their minds, it’s safe to conclude that parents can never go wrong ordering their kids some french fries!


It was such a hit, it quickly rose to the top of  Reddit on r/funny. Like what you’re reading?

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