Meet Bina48, The Creepy “Mind Clone” Robot Who Will Replace You After You Die

Meet Bina48, the most sophisticated robot to date. She’s modeled after a real woman named Bina Aspen, wife of Dr. Martine Rothblatt who is the CEO of biotech outfit United Therapeutics. Bina48 is a “mind clone” to the real Bina. The real Bina recalled more than 20 hours of her childhood experiences, life experiences and thoughts which was then transcribed and uploaded into an artificial intelligence data base.


Part 1 of the video:

Bina48 will cost you over $125,000 and three years to build. Just ask David Hanson, the robot designer who built Bina48. It’s oddly fascinating to watch her interactions with humans, especially the one Bina48 is cloned after. This is artificial on an entirely new level.

Part 2 of the video:

According to Rothblatt, via Bloomberg News, “I believe Mind Clones will be humanity’s biggest invention…It will make everything in our life more useful, more valuable. It will give us twice as much time to do everything.”

Bina48 at SXSW:


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