Awesome Super Mario Themed Fish Tank Background Is Flat Out Amazing

After months of preparation, planning, and designing, Kelsey Kronmiller has completed her highly anticipated fish tank with a Super Mario fish tank background.

People were so excited about the aquarium, that one Facebook friend posted an early photo to Reddit a few years back — and things went haywire with enthusiasm.

Kronmiller’s inspiration for the aquarium came after a friend, who was aware of Kronmiller’s artistic abilities, challenged her to recreate an aquarium posted to her wall on Facebook.

The process took approximately a year for Kronmiller and required a 55-gallon tank, inspiration from her boyfriend’s old games, and several design changes.

In a detailed blog post, Kronmiller gives an in-depth description and lengthy step by step process of the tank from start to finish.

The bricks along the bottom strip were painted to resemble the ground within the level

Backdrop paper purchased from Amazon

“I have a bachelor’s of science in Graphic Design, meaning I have the entire adobe suite on my laptop that I work in on a daily basis, said Kronmiller on her website.

“Using Adobe Illustrator, a vector-based program, I re-drew a section of the background so that I could bring it into my die-cutting program to be cut. I had 48” to work with, so a couple of measurements determined the size each hill, bush, and cloud would be.”

Mario Background

Backdrop laminated and placed

The small brown castle constructed from LEGO bricks

PVC pipe to create the pipes found in Mario

100 of these little dudes cut out in vinyl. She cut the white part separately, then the black outline

She even added level specs

The finished aquarium

How awesome is this?!

You can check out the entire build with detailed instructions and more pictures here.

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