Man Records One Of The Most Terrifying Tornado Videos You’ll Ever See

Dramatic footage of a tornado rapidly approaching an 85-year-old man’s home in Illinois was caught on camera. Clem Schultz went upstairs to grab camping lanterns for him and his wife when he had spotted the enormous tornado out his window he was sure was going to miss his home.

Shultz — convinced that the tornado would stay south of his community — ran out of time before he could run downstairs to be with his wife. The tornado ripped through his home and killed his wife, Geri.

Although he lost his wife, Shultz’ video has helped researchers understand the internal structure of tornadoes and has been shared world wide. It was used in doctoral studies and it will soon be viewed at an international atmospheric science convention in California.

According to reports, “There was no time for the 85-year-old to hurry back downstairs to the kitchen where Geri was. There was no point in getting in the cellar, which was basically a hole barely big enough to hold their furnace. In an instant the tornado passed right through — literally — his house.

Schultz rode the debris from the collapsing chimney down, losing his grip on the phone, getting entangled in a bedsheet, and becoming buried. Moments later a neighbor was digging him out of the rubble. Schultz was out and standing within four minutes. The neighbor sat him down on one of the house’s beams, but told him, ‘Don’t look down.'”

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