Guy Creates A Badass Moon Table Using Slate Stone And Molten Aluminum

Created by crafter and artist Jesse Ede, this exquisite Lunar Table mimics the moon using molten aluminum and slate stone and is inspired by raw nature.

Composed of aluminum, this outer space piece is molded around rock through a process known as smelting and open cast pouring.

The two-piece construction process delivers an “exquisite muted silver surface” mirroring the composition of the moon. In his work, Ede is drawn to more natural materials, ones that do not necessarily appear ‘finished,’” his website states.

“He enjoys capturing the rough nature of truly organic surfaces, manipulating them to expose the contrast between the material itself and the man-made processes that form them into sculptures. Ultimately, he looks to celebrate the rawness of uncontrollable outcomes, from processes that are uncommonly used.”

The creation of Lunar Table by Jesse Ede called for a multi-step, experimental process

First, Ede selected a slate stone from a nearby quarry in Cape Town

It was then cut and placed within a shallow mold

The mold was filled with molten aluminum

Once it cooled, the mold was removed and the moon table was complete

You can see more of this project, including more of Jesse Ede’s work here.

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