Guy Captures Halos Above Beautiful Mountainous Landscapes Using Drones

Reuben Wu is a photographer who captured brilliant, halo-like light paths above splendid mountain peaks that create vividly stunning images.

His past work includes blue rivers and molten sulfur deep in the heart of Indonesian volcanoes and has photographed thousands of solar mirrors that glisten in Nevada’s SolarReserve.

Wu has also created an ongoing series entitled Lux Noctis where he incorporates drones as aerial light drawings to transform landscapes into something anew.

The Chicago-based photographer said he sees this work as a “zero trace” type of “land art where the environment remains untouched by the artist, and at the same time is presented in a sublime way which speaks to 19th-century Romantic paintings and science and fictional imagery.”

Wu’s technique works through the use of GPS-enabled drones. As they surround the cliffs, a circle of light traces the peak that leaves a circular trail of light captured by Wu’s camera.

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You can check out more of Wu’s work over on his Instagram and Facebook pages. Also, Wu’s photo series will be published in Fall 2018 and is currently available for preorder. (h/t Colossal)

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