This Living Chandelier Made With Algae-Filled Leaves Naturally Purifies The Air

Looking for an air purifier? Don’t run to your nearest department store so fast but instead, turn to mother nature. Well, maybe not just yet.

This “living” chandelier designed by engineer and biotechnologist Julain Melchiorri can lighten up the air you breathe by absorbing carbon dioxide with its 70 glass leaves. Each leaf, filled with green algae, is eco-friendly and comes in a variety of styles functional for both indoor and outdoor use.

The “Exhale” chandelier was featured at the V&A museum at the London Design Festival for its innovative approach to design and ingenuity. A fun tidbit of info: Melchiorri was the first to create the world’s first synthetic biological leaf.

The chandelier is only a prototype, however, Melchiorri is working on it becoming a household item very soon.

If you thought this was cool check out these air purifying plants for your home released by NASA! For more information check out Julian Melchiorri’s: Website | Instagram.

Photo credits: Mike Chino via Inhabitat 

h/t Inhabitat

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