Burning Wood With Electricity Creates The Coolest Lichtenberg Figures

Lichtenberg Figures are basically tree-like patterns that are created by the passage of high voltage electrical discharges along the surface, or through, electrically insulating materials.

Now here’s something you’ve probably never seen or heard of before, yet can be done with various things lying around your house.

Brad Russell makes these cool lightning tree figures (aka Lichtenberg Figures) using the transformer out of a microwave that produces about 2000 volts run on 120 VAC.

A solution of sodium bicarbonate is then painted on the wood to increase its conductivity, where the transformer is applied. The circuit creates an unpredictable, treelike burn pattern.

Lichtenberg Figure Art

**FYI: Attempting this is extremely dangerous. Seriously though… If you touch anything (wires, transformer, wood… etc.) while its plugged in you will be electrocuted.

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