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This Awesome Floating Moon Lamp Lets You Literally Give Someone The Moon

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured an article about moon lights (see here).

However, what makes this one unique is it’s the world’s first levitating moon lamp. Created by Coocepts, this cool lamp brings a floating and rotating moon right inside your bedroom.

According to Coocepts, “the moon always floats in the middle of the sky, so we would like to see our moon light floating in the air too.”

“Implementing the levitate device into our moon light give a totally different atmosphere to the scene which bring our moon light to the next level.”

Charging takes about two hours

The light will last anywhere between 10 and 100 hours depending on brightness

Changeable color

The moon light floats by using strong Neodymium magnets in the base

Check it out

They were successfully funded on Kickstater and you can check out more detailed info about the lamp here.

The 15cm moon light will run you about $135, while the 20cm one will run you about $160. You can pre-order here, shipping starts in July.

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