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Let’s Never Forget The Thousands Of High-End Sports Cars Abandoned In Dubai

This isn’t your average litter problem: Typically when you see abandoned items lying around cities, dumps, or junk yards, it’s not a luxury sports car amongst the rubble. This was the case for Dubai a few years ago where their love for the latest high-end sports cars was leaving the city in quite an unusual dilemma: high-end sports cars being abandoned…. roughly 3,000 per year.





image/Didi Paterno


As you’re probably aware by now, the people of Abu Dubai have a serious love for high-end super cars. Unfortunately as the world took a turn for the worst and found itself in a recession, thousands of these luxury sports cars were left abandoned a year following the financial collapse.

The real reason however is that under Sharia law, which is observed all across the Middle East, not paying your debt is a criminal offence….. which means some serious jail time…. As the UAE has no bankruptcy laws.

4image/Danny McL

It’s as easy as heading to the airport and leaving the cars parked at random locations never to return again.

5image/Benoit Pinon

Some have left the cars due to the crippling amount of debt. Unpaid debt and even a bounced check is a criminal offense in Dubai.


Anywhere from Ferraris, Porches, BMWs, and Mercedes is what you will find abandoned. In 2012, a Ferrari Enzo, which was one of only 400 made, was reported by police after it spent months in a car park covered in dust. It eventually ended up at a million dollar auction along with Ferraris, Porsches and Range Rovers found on the side of the road.






This was a pretty big issue from about 2009 – 2012… It now seems to have slowed down drastically. So if you were hoping to find one of these beauty’s just lying around… the chances are quite slim now. Be sure to give this a share with your friends on Facebook before you go. (h/t MessyNessyChic) (photos via: smash – unless otherwise noted)

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