A Fascinating Look At Leonardo Da Vinci’s Visionary Notebooks Now Available Online

Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebook The Codex Arundel is now available online thanks to the British Museum and Microsoft. The 570-page notebook written by Da Vinci dates back to 1480 and 1518 and was written backward in mirror image from right to left.

Interestingly enough, Da Vinci never published his works during his lifetime but instead, left his writings to his pupil Francesco Melzi. Many ended up in museums and in the hands of the wealthy but luckily for us, they’re now available for online viewing.

The project, entitled Turning the pages 2.0, consists of on-screen annotations and animations in a digitized version.

The notebook, writes Jonathan Jones at The Guardian, represents “the living record of a universal mind.” And yet, though a “technophile” himself, “when it came to publication, Leonardo was a luddite…. He made no effort to get his notes published.”

Users can zoom into pages written in Italian but if you don’t know the language, don’t worry. You can appreciate the sketches and get a glimpse into the mind of a genius.

To view the entire digitized versions of the documents, click here.

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