The Leidenfrost Effect Makes Water Flow Uphill And It’s Completely Fascinating

Here’s a really cool video created by the people over at Science Friday about what’s known as the Leidenfrost Effect.

Before we get into this cool little experiment let’s discuss the science behind this cool physical phenomenon. When a liquid comes into contact with a mass that is hotter than the boiling temperature of that said liquid, the surface of the liquid quickly comes to a boil and creates a insulating vapor layer that acts as a barrier between the two.

Which is why you can quickly stick your wet hand into molten lead without burning your hand off (I would not recommend doing this though).

Now back to the experiment where water dropped on an extremely hot surface is capable of floating instead of immediately evaporating.

While studying the bizarre effect, physicists at the University of Bath realized that not only does the water float, but under the right conditions and temperatures it can actually climb upward.

Leidenfrost Effect

Dipping hand in molten lead

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h/t: The Awesomer

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