Full-Size Volkswagen Camper With Retro Interior Recreated Using 400,000 LEGO

As if Volkswagens weren’t adorable enough we now have one made of 400,000 LEGO!

The Volkswagen Type 2 Kombi is an iconic favorite among those who appreciate the style and sense of nostalgia it brings them every time they see one.

Type 2 serves as the poster child for the road trip and festival culture prominent in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s. The piece – turned into a LEGO dream by Rene Hoffmeister and Pascal Lenhardbuilt – is equipped with a steel frame weighing in at 1,542 pounds.

While the LEGO Volkswagen is admirable, it cannot drive — at least not yet. Maybe another visionary will make that possible in the near future.

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Photo credits via Volkswagen

h/t Design Boom

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