Artist Turns Old Silver Kitchen Utensils Into Blooming Flower Bouquets

What do you do with your old utensils? Sell them at a garage sale? Or, do you simply toss them in the trash because you have no idea what to do with them? How about turning them into a realistic floral arrangement?

British artist Ann Carrington has transformed ordinary silverware into an abundant floral arrangement.

Modeled after real-life floral arrangements, these unwanted scraps of aged kitchen utensils are turned into thin rose pedals; knives are turned into leaves, and forks into hydrangeas, budding bulbs, and rosettes.

Each display sits in a pot or vase with a “ribbon” creating an authentic antique look. Described on her website as “a witty repurposing of everyday items which are transformed through often surprising and unlikely marriages of materials and method.”

You can see more from Ann Carrington at her various pages: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter!

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