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KFC’s Ridiculous New Scented Candle Fills Your House With The Smell Of Fried Chicken

Do we live to eat or eat to live? That is the question. It’s more than likely the former judging by a new candle KFC has released that smells like none other than fried chicken.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like Kentucky fried chicken so much so that people want their homes to smell like the actual restaurant.

While the candle isn’t actually for sale, it’s actually part of a social media giveaway.

“What better way to light up your nights than with a limited edition KFC Scented Candle! Keen? To go in the draw to win one just suggest another piece of KFC merchandise you’d like to see from us in the comments below!” said KFC’s New Zealand Facebook page.


You can head on over to their Facebook page and leave a comment for you’re chance to get one. Oh and judging by the comments people must really want a chicken candle.

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