A Look At The Insanely Extravagant Jeweled Gun Of Sulta Mahmud I

The Jeweled Gun of Sulta Mahmud I, dated 1732-1733 is one of the most impressive guns ever designed. The bejeweled gun served as a ceremonial object and consists of gold, gilded silver, silver jade, emeralds, rubies, and of course, diamonds.

The once resided at the Asian Art Museum in 2016 in San Francisco where patrons were able to get an up-close view of all of the gun’s ritzy intricacies. While it was typically held by Sultan Mahmud I’s attendant during ceremonies it served many purposes and held many secrets.

You can find some surprising things within the gun including a jeweled pen box in the compartment of the gun’s stock, a pen knife for sharpening the nib of the reed pen, an inkwell, a ceremonial dagger, a cleaner for the gun’s flash pan and lock, and a diamond and emerald encrusted spoon for priming the gunpowder.

Talk about extravagant! The musket was most likely designed by imperial goldsmith Hovhannes Agha Duz, most likely an Armenia Ottoman Christian.

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