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It’s Regarded As The Most Haunted Home In America, And With 10 Murders… No Wonder

Built by General David Bradford in 1796, the Myrtles Plantation is a gorgeous antebellum home in St. Francisville, Louisiana filled with tales of murder, poison and hauntings. Not far from Baton Rouge, the plantation is rumored to be built on top of an ancient Tunica Indian burial ground and is widely known as being “one of America’s most haunted homes.” Twelve ghosts are rumored to haunt the property which include a slave, a Native American woman, union soldiers and even a haunted mirror.



Official records state that William Winter — an attorney who lived in the Myrtle plantation from 1865 until 1871 — was murdered in the home although many reports believe at least 10 unofficial murders occurred here. Winter collapsed and died on the 17th step of the staircase and employees and visitors claim they can still hear his last dying steps.

When Unsolved Mysteries filmed a segment about the hauntings in 2002, host Robert Stack stated the crew had been experiencing technical difficulties. The plantation was also featured on an episode of Ghost Hunters in 2005 and Ghost Adventures in 2014.


The most frequently encountered ghost at the Myrtle Plantation is Chloe, a slave girl who was supposedly hanged and thrown into the river by her peers after she had had an affair with her master and fatally poisoned his wife and children. The ghost of Chloe has been photographed by a past owner.

In it, you can see a cloudy image that stands between two of the buildings. Historians have found no factual records of Chloe’s existence and some say the Woodruffs she allegedly poisoned actually died of yellow fever. Despite the legends becoming misconstrued throughout the years, hauntings exist without a doubt.

Another ghost thought to haunt the property is a woman in a green turban or bonnet. Tales of her existence proceeded throughout the years and in 1987, Frances Meyers (the Myrtles Planation’s latest owner) claimed to have encountered the ghost in a green turban one night in her bedroom. While she was asleep in one of the downstairs bedrooms, she was awakened suddenly by a black woman in a green turban and long dress.


The grounds


The back area


The entry foyer of the Myrtles Plantation


The stairs where Mr. Winter died… 17th step


A few completing ghost picture captured



Ghost Adventures episode on Myrtles Plantation


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