It’s Called The Everykey, And It Will Replace All Of Your Passwords And Keys… For Good



If you’re like me, then you hate having to keep up with numerous passwords… for instance… logging into Facebook, Twitter, paying bills online, hell… even just trying to put in the pass code to access your phone…. I could go on and on about this. If only there was a product that could take all of that hassle away. Well, now there is, it’s called the EveryKey and it’s going to replace all of your keys and passwords.

It uses low energy Bluetooth technology to communicate with the device when in range and unlock it…. it’s that simple. Basically, it bypasses having to login to anything…. which saves quite a bit of time. When the wristband goes out of range, everything goes back to like it was.

Sleek and lightweight design


It uses military grade encryption, allowing only you access to your personal property and accounts. If the EveryKey ever gets lost or stolen, all you have to do is deactivate it. Same way with a credit card. According to Chris Wentz, CEO EveryKey, “the passwords to your devices are never stored on an Everykey server or on the wristband. The wristband broadcasts encrypted information to identify itself, which only your devices are able to decrypt. The passwords to your devices are stored on the devices themselves in an encrypted form within a keychain.”

The future of this product looks bright, they’ll soon have it to where it will replace all physical keys… meaning you would be able to access car doors, your home.. stuff like that. You can purchase it for $50 over at Kickstater…. pretty cool gadget to buy someone for Christmas. Check it out below….


Different colors you can get


Specs and what it’s compatible with


Check out the video

(via EveryKey / Kickstarter)

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