Italian Artist Uses Only A Pencil To Draw These Mind Blowing Ultra Realistic Portraits


An Italian man by the name of Diego Fazo, 22, a tattoo artist has a flair for creativity like no other. This exceptionally young and gifted artist decided he would create special portraits but without paint, or photography. What sets Diego apart from most is that all of his imaginatively unique portraits have been drawn with a simple pencil! Judging by the pictures below, he has been met with quite success.

Hard to believe this is not a photograph



Like a lot up and coming artists, Diego began sharing his photos on Deviant Art, is an online community displaying various forms of user-made artwork. Diego’s masterpieces fascinated many and he received many positive comments which drove up his popularity. Once a tattoo artist, his passion for photo-realistic drawing overruled. Some found it so hard to believe these portraits were hand drawn that Diego was asked to prove it to people.

Each portrait takes nearly 200 hours to complete




Here’s some more of his incredible work




d3efa2a5c1e40067e5cc4656b75fc655-Optimized(via diegokoi.deviantart)

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