Interactive Map Shows Where You’d Pop Up If You Dug Straight Through The Earth

We’ve all had this exact thought: imagining what part of the world we’d end up at if we just kept digging.

Maybe it occurred to you as you were playing outside with your friends in your backyard.

Chances are, you had this thought long before technology became so advanced and you even forgot about the thought.

But now there’s now an app for that. An app to satisfy this childhood fantasy and wanderlust.

It’s called Antipodes Map and it will show you exactly where you’d end up if you dug straight through Earth.

It’s user-friendly and interactive and all you need to do is enter an address to start with and the map which is powered by Google will show you where you’re headed.

Just click around on the map or enter in your coordinates.

Most of the time you’ll end up in the ocean… for obvious reasons.

You can check it out for yourself here!

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