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This Inflatable Hoodie Lets You Nap Anywhere You Damn Well Please

Aren’t hoodies the best? They’re so comfy, they hide us from the world, and they just got a whole lot better.

Someone finally developed the perfect hoodie (available for purchase on AROS) you can nap in comfortably anywhere.

The dilemma many face with their hoodie is trying to find a soft spot to rest their heads. Well, not anymore. The Hypnos sweater was created to provide ultimate comfort.

Inside of the hoodie is an inflatable balloon that acts as a flexible pillow.

This is especially awesome for those who are forced to lean their heads against uncomfortable hard surfaces like airplanes and subways, but don’t get too comfy, you’ll miss your stop!

In order to make the inflatable inconspicuous from the outside they oversized the hood for comfort and style


The function of the hood is designed to easily remove or insert the inflatable at any time on the go








The hoodie will run you about 98 bucks


If you’re interested in picking up for for yourself or someone else (especially for Christmas) you can check them out here.

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