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Incredibly Realistic Sculptures Of Jellyfish That Look Like They’re Swimming In Glass

Did you happen to spot any of these jellyfish in Guardians of the Galaxy during two scenes on Xander? Well if you didn’t, be sure to keep your eye open the next time you watch it. The artist behind the jellyfish sculptures is Rick Satava and his team from Satava Art Glass in Chico, California. They created this handcrafted and incredibly real-looking jellyfish which appears as though they are floating in their own glass cases.


Featured in Guardians of the Galaxy


Their Facebook page stated where you can find the unique sculptures in the film, “Be sure to look for our jellyfish sculptures during two scenes on Xander, home of the Nova Corps. So for everyone who thought our pieces were ‘Out of this World’ you now have proof.” The two pieces that were used were one small Ribbed Purple Jellyfish and the other was a Magnum Moon Jelly fist. They are also thanked at the end of the film’s credits.

Multiple Jellyfish
Teardrop shaped Moon Jellyfish
Passion Moon Jellyfish

Side Swimmer Jellyfish
Moon Jellyfish
Nautilus Lidded Vessels
Pacific Coast Jellyfish





They are completely out of this world, and we love them for it. The best part…. you can buy these here! Be sure to give their art a share with your friends on Facebook before you go. For more stories like these, subscribe to our e-mail list. (h/t LaughingSquid) (photos: Satava Art Glass)

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