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The Haunted Linda Vista Hospital In Los Angeles, California

Linda Vista Hospital may have been shut down years ago but the ghosts who died in the hospital remain. Unexplained phenomena, humming, shadows, and cries at night have all been reported by overnight security and visitors.

It’s now known to be one of the most haunted locations in the Los Angeles area.

Linda Vista Hospital opened its doors in 1904 as the Santa Fe Coastlines Hospital serving the employees of the Santa Fe Railroad. As Los Angeles and the surrounding neighborhoods prospered, so did the hospital and by 1924, employment and patients increased.

The growing hospital became the Linda Vista Hospital in 1937 until the Great Depression and World War II brought the growth of the hospital to a screeching halt. Violent crime in the area escalated resulting in lower funding for the hospital. Patients and staff dwindled leaving the hospital in a state of decay with a rising death toll.

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By the 1970s and ’80s, East LA gang violence sent many to the Linda Vista Hospital. The neighborhood continued to deteriorate into violent gang crime and poverty. As the hospital struggled to keep up the quality of care, Linda Vista decided that in 1988 it would discontinue accepting ambulances to their ER. The last patient checked out in 1991 and rumors swirled as to why the hospital shut down for good. Some say lack of funding while others believe it was the high death rate.

Since the hospital was in the heart of Hollywood, it didn’t take long for the place to become a popular film location. It was then that the haunted reputation of the hospital began to grow as film crews and security reported strange shadows, cries in the night, and humming coming from within the building.

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Patients paperwork

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Creepy Hallways

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Three popular spirits creep around the abandoned hospital: a little girl in the surgical room; the young woman who paces the hallways of the third floor; and another spirit who makes the daily rounds. Thousands died at Linda Vista Hospital and some believe the ashes of the dead reside in the boiler room. Many report feeling a draining and depressed feeling while down there.

This place is now actually a low-income senior living facility… Renovation started back in 2011 and finished in 2013. Kinda sucks really… this place was on of the coolest most historic places in LA. No word yet on any residual effects of the hauntings though.

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Boiler room still filled with human ashes

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