If Earth Had Rings Like Saturn The Sky Would Look Impossibly Beautiful

These incredible illustrations by author and illustrator Ron Miller are the latest in his collection of visualizations of other worlds. From the surface of Titan, to black holes for Discover magazine, to a Pluto stamp… Miller explores what our skies would look like with Saturn’s monumental rings.

Rings over Washington D.C.

To achieve the authenticity of the rings, Miller added orange and pink touches to make it look as though sunlight were passing through the earth’s atmosphere. The rings pierce the skies of the most recognizable structures around the world including Washington D.C. and the Mayan ruins of Guatemala. You can learn more about this from the io9 article written by Miller here.

Rings from Guatemala


Saturn’s rings from Earth’s equator
Equinox at the equator
Tropic of Capricorn, midnight

Incredible… You can check out more of Miller’s work at his website and Facebook page! Don’t forget to give this post a thumbs up and a share with your friends on Facebook before you go. For more stories, subscribe to our free e-mail list. (Illustrations: Ron Miller) (h/t Planetary Society / Imgur)

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