IBM Created The World’s Smallest Movie, And How They Made It Is Unbelievable


It’s called a A Boy and His Atom and IBM created it using 250 stop-motion frames depicting a boy playing with his…. well, atom. It’s not even visible with the human eye (duh), so when you watch, you’re actually seeing it under a microscope magnified 100 million times.

According to Mashable:

IBM needed to use its two-ton scanning-tunnelling microscope, which operates at minus 450 degrees Fahrenheit, to shoot the film. The microscope moved a “super-sharp” needle to within 1 nanometer of a copper surface, which then could attract and physically move each atom, one by one.

Oh yeah, and it also now holds the official Guinness World Record for smallest movie ever filmed. Make sure to give this a share on Facebook by clicking the button below.


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