This Awkward Looking Tiny Hotel In Austria Has Some Of The Most Breathtaking Views

This Holiday Home Ufogel (the name is a combination of UFO and Vogel – bird in German)might look incredibly awkward and small from the outside, but once you step inside, prepare to be totally amazed.

Located in the Alps of Austria, this 484 square-foot house — originally built as a family vacation home — is now available to anyone who wishes to rent it year round.

The minimalistic design offers panoramic windows that let in an abundance of natural light and exposed interior wood to give its guest a sense of warmth. The only downside is that it’s constantly booked.

“The large panoramic window brings in the landscape and gives the feeling you are still outdoors. In contrast, the round bowl provides a cozy, woody feeling of security. It transforms the Ufogel into a refuge, with all its warmth and serenity, with healthy sleep and the feeling of returning to the origin of living,” according to Ufogel

Holiday Home Ufogel


Let’s step inside


484 square is pretty small, but inside here it doesn’t seem like it at all due to the amazing design




The only view you’ll ever want





When it snows, it’s even more breathtaking


For more information and availability check out their website Ufogel House. Don’t forget to give this post a thumbs up and a share with your friends on Facebook before you go.

 Photo Credits: Ufogel

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