Hydrospeeding Through An Aletsch Glacier Looks Like A Crazy Good Time

Have you ever heard of hydrospeeding? Me neither. Well, it’s also known as riverboarding and is a form of extreme sports ridden on boards down rivers and streams. However, some daredevils have now taken it to extreme levels by boarding down freezing glacier runoffs.



“There are two major dangers when sliding head first through glacial runoff,” according adventure magazine Outside. “First, the water you are rushing down eventually flows into a deep crevasse. Second, glacial lakes that feed the runoff often overflow during the midday heat, which causes a flood of large ice and debris to crash down the channels.”


The dangers aren’t holding anyone back though as hydrospeeding has now become popular in the summers. Brave French mountain athlete and hydrospeeder Claude-Alain Gailland and canyon activity specialist, Gilles Janin, pushed the boundaries as they body boarded down Europe’s longest glacier, Aletch glacier located in Switzerland. It’s approximately a winding seven mile stretch.

They both can easily run into danger as they face strong currents, the possibility of drowning in deep crevices, and the potential of collapsing glacial lakes, which could be down the river at any moment.











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