Guy Starts A Fire Using A Lemon And It’s Incredibly Fascinating

Just in case you’re stranded somewhere and have some ordinary household items with you and a lemon. You can actually utilize these items to start a fire.

North Survival is teaching us how to start a fire, while showing us just how cool science truly is. It’s not really a survival trick, because why would you be carrying abound a lemon?! LOL! But it’s cool none the less.

Six copper clips, six zinc nails, wire, and some steel wool

Screenshot (30)

Stick the copper clips into the lemon

Screenshot (31)

Stick the zinc nails below the copper clips

Screenshot (37)

Use the wire to tie the copper clip to the nails

Screenshot (34)

Add wire to both ends for (+ and -)

Screenshot (35)


Screenshot (36)

Now you know a cool way on how to start a fire! If you thought that was cool, check out a cool way to make a spare key using a few household items.

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