How This Guy Transforms Mass Produced Celebrity Dolls Will Boggle Your Entire Mind

‘Bringing unmasked faces to life’ …. The Portrait and Repaint Showcase of Noel CruzWe have all seen those Barbie dolls who make an honest attempt at trying to look like a certain character. And it works fine, but we all know they really don’t look 100 percent like the character you see in a movie or on television. Well thanks to Noel Cruz, you can have that realistic Harry Potter doll, or even J.L doll, if that tickles your fancy.



The artist behind these impeccable, real life-looking dolls is Noel Cruz. He is one of the most multitalented & notable repaint artists in the doll society. He is most recognized for his character & celebrity based dolls due to their eerie resemblance to the people they depict.

Some famous dolls the artist has recreated are the likes of Katniss Everdeen, which sold for an astronomical amount: $2,500.00 on Ebay. You can find a variety of dolls from Cher, to the flawless princess Diana, The Michael Jackson himself, and a shockingly accurate Angelina Jolie in Maleficent. Take a look at them for yourself…










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You can check out even more of Cruz’s work at his Facebook and Instagram page. Make sure to give these a share before you go.


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