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How Many Ounces In A Gallon?

How many ounces in a gallon is a very common measurement system used for a variety of different applications, most notably for cooking or baking.

Also, remember to keep in mind that the US fluid ounce is different than the UK imperial fluid ounce.

The US fluid ounce is  29.5735 mL while the UK (imperial) fluid ounce measures 28.4131 mL.

How Many Ounces In A Gallon

  • US ounces to gallons = 128 fluid ounces = 1 fluid gallon
  • UK ounces to gallons = 160 fluid ounces = 1 fluid gallon

You would then simply double the ounces for every one gallon increase. This would apply to both units of measurement.

Ounces In A Gallon Measurement Chart

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