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Neiman Marcus Is Selling A $7,100 Hot Dog Sofa Complete With Toppings

Italian furniture maker Seletti recently released their Hot Dog Sofa complete with both toppings and condiments for the low price of only $7,100.

This Chicago-style couch features an open bun, a leather hot dog pillow with a mustard painted drizzle, sesame seed embellishments on the back, a tomato, and pickle.

To be frank, if money were no option I’d relish for the chance to buy this glorious conversation piece. The sofa is currently for sale over at Neiman Marcus.


Fabric: polyester/cotton/viscose/acrylic/leather/linen.
Structure: wood, polyurethane, resin.
74.6″ x 45.2″.
Made in Italy.
Boxed weight, approximately 1433 lbs.

Hot Dog Sofa


The reviews are pretty funny

The sofa ships in January of 2020 and you can buy it over on Neiman Marcus here! Let us know what you think in the comment section below and don’t forget to share.

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