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This Crazy Instrument Is Designed To Play The Music Of Nightmares

Have you ever wondered where those bone-chilling sounds come from in horror movies? The ones that keep you in angst and suspense the entire time.

There’s actually an instrument called “The Apprehension Engine” that creates all the spine-tingling sound effects in some of the scariest movies around.

The musical horror instrument was built by Tony Duggan-Smith. a guitar maker and horror film composer based in Toronto.

According to the Huffington Post, “the instrument is made of a series of metal rulers (played with a bow), a hurdy-gurdy (a stringed instrument like a violin that’s played with a hand-cranked wheel), strings and reverbs (played with an electronic bow), metal rods, magnets and other assorted objects that combine to create a series of seriously unsettling noises.”

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