16 Hidden Messages In Logos You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

A lot of thought and consideration goes into designing a company’s logo.

It’s one of the first things consumers notice when they think of a brand that becomes the single identity.

But sometimes, there’s more to them that meets the eye. Here are 15 hidden messages in logos you probably had no idea existed. Are any of them shocking to you?

1. Toyota

This one is extra cool because the logo actually includes every letter used in the company’s name.

2. Toblerone

“Toblerone” chocolates come from Switzerland and they really make it show not only by having Bern (city where Toblerone is made) in the name, but also a bear’s silhouette placed inside the mountain logo.

3. Tour De France
4. Beats

Letter B in the red circle shows a person wearing Beats headphones.

5. Hyundai

Car manufacturer’s logo stands for the first letter of their name, right? Not only so, it also represents a successful deal between a car dealer and a customer.

6. Fedex

“FedEx” hid a small arrow between letters E and x, which represents the forward momentum and efficiency.

7. Amazon

The obvious bit is the arrow connecting a to z, but what’s usually missed is that the logo is smiling.

8. Quiksilver

It’s actually a stylized version of famous woodblock print The Great Wave off Kanagawa.

9. Levi’s Jeans

Yep, that’s your bottom right there.

10. Alfa Romeo

Italian car manufacturer’s logo is jam-packed with stuff, the key feature being a serpent eating a man.

11. Northwest Airlines

Clever use of typography merges both letters, N and W, into one.

12. Baskin Robbins

Ice cream maker is famous for producing 31 different flavors of their product. They even put that number in their logo.

13. Alfa Romeo

Italian car manufacturer’s logo is jam-packed with stuff, the key feature being a serpent eating a man.

14. Galeries Lafayette

Double T in the title creates The Eiffel Tower.

15. London Symphony Orchestra

The letters make the shape of a conductor of the orchestra.


16. Unilever

Unilever’s logo is actually made up of icons representing different aspects of sustainable living.16

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