Here’s Why The Soda Can Is Shaped The Way It Is, And It’s Absolutely Fascinating

We typically never really give any thought to the underlying design of the soda can, at least I never have until today.

Can you believe nearly half a trillion of these cans is manufactured yearly?! The design serves a very important purpose – it’s the most practical when packed as close as possible.

Bill, a.k.a. the engineeringguy, on YouTube has detailed the choices behind the design of a beverage can, like coke, and explains why it is cylindrical and the manufacturing steps needed to create the can.

The Soda Can


The can is punched from an aluminum sheet about three-tenths of a mm thick

Screenshot (2)

The first step starts with a “drawing die,” which sits the blank and then a “blank holder” that rests on top


It is then punched again by a smaller cup until the final diameter is reached


We’ll let the engineerguy explain in the video below


Now you know how soda cans are made! If you thought that was cool check out the fascinating process of how they make concrete floors look like hardwood.

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