Here’s What Happens When You Light 10,000 Sparklers Packed Into A Bucket

I imagine this video is going to be cathartic for some of you who have always wondered what would happen if you lit a bunch of sparklers at one time.

The video was made by YouTuber SlivkShow, and shows 10,000 sparklers placed into a dirt filled, foil lined pot and lit simultaneously.

The result is pretty damn epic.

That’s a ridiculous amount of sparklers

They lined the bucket in tinfoil with dirt at the bottom

Now pack the sparklers in

Yep… insane

And five tied together to make the fuse

Pretty awesome huh?! Now we just need someone to do this with roman candles, or some other type of firework…. Speaking of roman candles, did you see this dudes bada** minigun he made using them?!

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