The Waterphone Is The Bizarre Instrument Behind Those Creepy Horror-Movie Sounds

The instrument is called a Waterphone and it’s the main instrument that’s used to make those eerie tracks found in movies.

Every time I’ve seen a horror movie, the freaky sounds scared the hell out me but I never really thought about how they were created or where they came from.

Turns out, there’s actually a few video’s that exists on the internet that shows you how they got these horror-movie sounds. The two we found featured in this article are the best…. especially the last one.

The Waterphone is generally played in a seated position

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The Waterphone is also called an ocean harp, and it’s basically a type of inharmonic acoustic percussion instrument made of a stainless steel resonator bowl (filled with water), and bronze rods of different lengths.

Traditionally played with either a bow or mallet

The instrument has also been used successfully to call whales and other aquatic animals that live in the water. Below are some of the major motion pictures the Waterphone has been featured in.

Let the Right One In






Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon


Dark Water


The Matrix


Star Trek: The Motion Picture


Now lets here it

This video shows it being played with multiple bows and different types of mallets

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