Here’s How To Build An Amazing Secret Computer Screen Only You Can See

Got any secret documents your working on? Or something you don’t want anyone else to see? Well… here you go… This is really cool and it doesn’t even take that much effort to create….. just maybe a few hours on a lazy Saturday afternoon. It’s called the secret monitor, and by following these simple instructions you can make a computer screen only you can see.


Get an old LCD monitor, polarizing filter, cheap 3D glasses, scissors and prying tools

Screenshot (338)-Optimized

Remove the front molding

Screenshot (339)-Optimized

Cut the edges on all four sides to remove the polarizing filter

Screenshot (340)-Optimized

Screenshot (341)-Optimized

Trace the glass on the glasses on the filter

Screenshot (342)-Optimized

Remove and replace with polarizing filter

Screenshot (343)-Optimized

BOOM! Everyone else will see a white screen, while you’ll be able to see what’s actually on the screen.

Screenshot (344)-Optimized

Check out this video to see how cool it looks


Yep… I’m so doing this. Awesome!! Make sure to give this a share on Facebook, and leave us a comment below. (via brusspup) (Photo Credits: YouTube)

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