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Here Are 6 Of The Creepiest Places On The Planet You’d Be Crazy To Visit

San Zhi Resort


How about the ghost town/tourist resort of San Zhi, found just outside Taipei and within your most horrible nightmares. The elite San Zhi resort in Taiwan was supposed to be the destination for bored, rich folks until it was quickly shut down in the 80s after a series of mysterious on-site deadly accidents… it’s now abandoned.





Those who have played Call of Duty 4, may actually recognize this freaky place. If you had the notion that a completely silent, abandoned, radioactive city belonged only in a video-game-apocalyptic-fantasy, you were wrong.

Prypiat is in the northern Ukraine and once housed the workers and scientists of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. Since the malfunction at Chernobyl, Prypiat has been desolate with its buildings in decay.


Overtoun Bridge


Well this is pretty sad…apparently there is this Bridge in Scotland called Overtoun Bridge and while nothing humanly tragic has ever happened there, dogs, of all things, are leaping to their death. It’s located right near the small village of Milton in the burgh of Dumbarton and for reasons unknown, dogs continuously leap off of it.

It’s been estimated that since the 1960s, 600 innocent little fur balls have spontaneously taken the 40 ft plunge…so sad. Is it an illusion? Is it haunted? Why are they persuaded? One theory by a dog psychologist says that the dogs senses are being dulled due to the noise of a stream nearby and the inability to see over the bridge.


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