Here Are 27 Of The Coolest Internet And Computer Tricks You Never Knew About

15. A simple way to clear your cache

CTRL + SHIFT + R = Clear cache and then refresh page.

16. How to access a blocked subreddit

If certain subreddits are blocked at your school or work you can type the subreddit name with a + at the end of it.

ex. /r/AskReddit+

17. Apparently, plug-ins are what’s up

Plug-ins make your internet experience 100x better:

  • YouTube Center: allows you to customize YouTube to your liking, auto HD, remove annotations, and other annoying things that normal people have to adjust every time they watch a video.
  • Imagus: allows you to view images by just hovering over the link. Works great for reddit.
  • AdBlock: Everyone should know about this already. Blocks ads. Allows you to whitelist sites that have tasteful, non-intrusive ads (like reddit).
18. An alternative way to pause a Youtube video

Tired of hitting spacebar to pause a YouTube video and having it scroll down a page instead? Hit “k” instead.

19. How to access paywall sites

For websites like that allow you a certain number of free stories per month before you hit a paywall, just delete the cookies from the site and it will reset your count. Alternatively, you can browse it in incognito mode.

20. A fast and easy way to track your UPS package

If you Google a UPS tracking number, it will link you right to the tracking page for your package.

21. How to excise words from a Google search

When searching things in Google, you can type a minus sign and then the word you don’t want (-stuff) to remove that word from the search.

22. How to make Google do a barrel roll

Googling “do a barrel roll” results in a barrel roll on Google.

23. How to access video websites that are restricted in your country

Youtube video or website not available in your country? Try lets you proxy from a different country really easily.

24. A hidden game in Google images

A lot of people probably already know this, but…
Go to Google. Type in Atari Breakout. Go to Images.

25. How to make Google look off-balance

Try searching “tilt” in the address bar in chrome…

Google engineers must have fun. 🙂

26. A website that usually has discounts on everything

Always check for coupons before buying anything online.

27. How to find an updated version of a now-dead website page

Run into an old, dead link? Copy the url to… they often have a preserved copy.


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