11 Incredibly Rare Albino Animals You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

Chances are, you’ve probably never seen albino animals in person, and if you have… well you’re pretty lucky. There’s no clear definition of albinism, but as far as humans and other mammals go, an albino is a person or animal with white hair or fur, extremely pale skin, and pink eyes.

This is caused by a deficiency in pigmentation and doesn’t include feathers, scales, bird’s cuticles, nor invertebrates. Albinism is most seen in amphibians and birds, but rarely in mammals.

A rare albino gorilla and one albino koala have been documented but they’re an extremely rare occurrence. While the animals might look cool, the downside to their albinism is that they lack the ability to protect themselves from prey because they lack a key protective trait: camouflage.

Another sad thing is that they’re often discriminated against when it comes to mates and animal families. As if their lives aren’t already hard enough, albino animals tend to not live very long.

These creatures may look incredibly strange, but they’re marvelous to look at.

Check out some of these incredible animals below and let us know what you think in the comment section.

1. Albino Alligator


These albino alligators lack something that’s called melanin, or pigment in their skin. Without this, their eyes possess milky coloring and cloudy eyes which look pink. This is one of only 12 known white alligators in the world (lowryparkzoo)

2. Albino Humpback Whale


Migaloo is the only known humpback whale and is well-known in Australia. She was first discovered in 1991. You can try and grab a glimpse of Migaloo during the east coast migration season.  (Migaloowhale)

3. Albino Wallaby


Usually Red-necked Wallabies are grey/brown in color. However, you will get an occasional white or albino one. This is Joey and he resides at the United Kingdom’s Linton Zoo. (Zooborns)

4. Albino Lion


While not technically albino…. White lions are actually rare and there is less than 300 known white lions in existence today. These lions can be found in the Greater Timbavati region in South Africa. (Dailymail)

5. Piebald Peacock


A “piebald” peacock is known to be caused by a genetic disorder that is similar to albinism and occurs in patches.

6. Albino Baby Turtle


These adorable and creamy white turtles or, Albino Slider, are considered endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. (NationalGeographic)

7. Albino Raccoon


Raccoons are known for their distinctive black masks, however only one in a half-million raccoons are born lacking the pigments needed to achieve the signature raccoon appearance. (abouttravel)

8. Albino Reindeer


Rudolph officially has competition with this all-white reindeer.

9. Albino Raven

This beautiful albino Raven named Pearl is only one of four known albino Ravens in the entire world

10. Albino Gorilla (Snowflake)

Photo:Bret Arnett/Flickr

In the mid 1960’s ‘Snowflake’, an albino western lowland gorilla, arrived at the Barcelona Zoo where he became one of the top attractions. Snowflake lived out his years at zoo until his death from skin cancer in 2003…. He may have been the only white gorilla in the world.

11. Albino Eastern Screech Owl


The Eastern Screech Owls are common in eastern North America… from Mexico to Canada and known for their camouflage ability. This little fellow above is extremely rare, and since albino animals generally don’t live long in the wild they keep him in a closed environment with other rescued owls.

And Here Are Two Albinos Snakes

SDW5NIl (1)

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