Here Are 10 Tragic Tales Of The Most Cursed Movies In Hollywood

Sometimes things happen that can’t be explained, and Hollywood is no exception. Check out these cursed movies that had strange things happen during and after filming.

The original Tin Man had to drop out because he inhaled the aluminum-based makeup and it infected his lungs.

The actress playing the Wicked Witch, and her stand in, were both injured when a fire effect went wrong. Poor Toto even broke her paw while on set.

The Wizard of OZ




The movie has never been completed, almost everyone that has taken the lead role mysteriously died: John Belushi, Sam Kinison, Chris Farley, and John Candy.

Rebel Without a Cause


All four major actors died before their time. James Dean in a car crash, Sal Mineo was stabbed in a robbery, Natalie Wood suspiciously drowned, and Nick Adams died of a drug overdose. All died before the age of 45.

Apocalypse Now


While the film is brilliant, it’s a miracle it was even made. Martin Sheen drank heavily on set and had a major heart attack. Dennis Hopper reportedly had to be given lots of cocaine and Coppola threatened to kill himself more than once, and ended up having an epileptic seizure. Marlon Brando was also hard to work with, and he gained so much weight prior to filming that Coppola filmed most of his scenes with shadows.

The Passion of the Christ


Both Jan Michelini lead actor Jim Caviezel were struck by lighting while filming. Jan was struck twice, while Jim was struck once.



Four actors in the movie died within six years of the films release. JoBeth Williams claimed that pictures on her wall would be crooked when she returned from set every night, no matter how much she fixed them. She also said that Spielberg used real human skeletons to save money.

Rosemary’s Baby


During filming Mia Farrow was served divorce papers, and forced to eat raw liver, despite being a strict vegetarian. The films composer died of a blood clot, just like a character in the film, and Charles Manson’s followers tragically slaughtered Roman Polanski’s family only a year after Rosemary’s Baby’s release.

The Omen


The lead actor and screenwriters for the film had their planes struck by lighting on way to the location, the director’s hotel was bombed by the IRA, and the plane that the crew had originally chartered crashed and killed all on board. Filming was still somehow completed.

The Exorcist


Many actors were killed during and after the release of the film. The set burned down, and Ellen Burstyn and Linda Blair were also seriously injured on the set. They production team even called a priest in to conduct a real life exorcism.



The Superman curse has died down (no pun intended) over the years, but it did use to be plagued with mysterious occurrences. Most notable being, the suicide of actor George Reeves, even though no prints were found on the gun.

Then when Christopher Reeve dawned the cape, he was thrown from a horse and paralyzed. Supporting actors Margot Kidder had bipolar episodes, Richard Pryor was diagnosed with MS and Marlon Brando who got extremely overweight

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