12 Of The Worlds Craziest And Cool Weapons That Actually Exist

You’re about to see some really cool weapons, and by cool I mean Phasr rifle cool! Weapons require unthinkable imagination, skill, and technology.

They are fascinating, lethal, and entwined in our history. Historically, they’ve been used in warfare, hunting, law enforcement as well as criminal activity.

It’s molded history’s tumultuous past as well as created and destroyed civilizations.

Some have even made their way into historical displays as one- of- a kind item. Without further ado, here are 10 of the craziest weapons ever designed.

1. Phasr Rifle


The Phasr Rifle – Personnel Halting and Stimulation Response Rifle (PHASR) is a non-lethal laser gun developed by the U.S. Department of Defense at Kirkland Air Force Base.

It is designed for soldiers and law enforcement officials to temporarily blind enemies with focused laser beams.

Not only can it temporarily blind an individual, but this laser gun can also disorient them by allowing the two laser beams to operate at different wavelengths. This causes the enemy to lose all combat effectiveness.

2. Thunder Generator


The Thunder Generator may look as though it came right of a video game but, it’s actually is a real weapon designed by farmers in Israel to scare away pests that have the potential of destroying their crops.

The Thunder Generator is currently used to disperse crowds by sending fire shock waves at people up to 150 feet away by using a mixture of gas, liquefied petroleum, and air, causing them to feel as if they are being shot without actually sustaining any sort of harm.

However, if you happen to be standing within 30 feet of the device it can cause permanent damage.

3. Duck’s Foot Gun


This gun literally looks like a duck’s foot hence the title, A Duck’s Foot Gun. It was manufactured during the 19th and 20th centuries and has four individual barrels allowing the user to fire at more than one target at a time.

Those who feared threats from groups or gangs (ship captains and prison guards) made use of the Duck’s Foot Gun. It had a heavy design and high recoil making it difficult to fire and aim, making it far from the perfect gun.

4. Active Denial System


The Active Denial System is a highly powerful radar array that fires a beam of electromagnetic waves at a frequency that is only allowed to be absorbed by the top layer of the skin because of safety concerns.

If you happen to be hit by this beam, you would experience a painful burning sensation on your skin as electromagnetic waves work as a microwave, causing the fat in the skin to heat up (ouch).

The effects are only temporary and act as long as the beam is hitting the skin. It’s considered a non-lethal weapon and can even penetrate heavy clothing.

5. Auto Assault-12


The Auto Assault-12 can fire up to 300 rounds per minute and can be loaded either with an 8-shell box magazine or with a 32-shell drum magazine.

You can choose from a variety of ammunition types such as slugs, buckshot, rubber batons, and high-explosive rounds.

6. Vomit Gun


This is another non-lethal weapon provided to law enforcement and military forces. The Vomit Gun is essentially a torch that features a pulsing light and able to induce feelings of nausea as well as intense vomiting. It has since been abandoned by the US military although two amateurs created their very own for less than $250.

7. German Gustav and Dora Rail Cannons


The Dora and Gustav rail canons were developed by the Nazis in World War II in an attempt to defeat the Allies. They were the biggest canons ever created and had to be moved in pieces and assembled at the final destination.

It was comprised of a 32-inch caliber and rounds that weighed over 10,000 pounds allowing it to reach targets more than 90 miles away. It could even travel through 100 feet of dirt and rock.

8. R. J. Braverman Stinger Pen Pistol


The R.J. Braverman Stinger Pen Pistol is straight out of a James Bond film. The secretive and cool pen gun will actually fold into the position of an actual gun when you’re ready to use it.

Only 4,000 if these were created in the 1990s and have become somewhat of a collector’s item.

9. Hand Mortar


Hand Mortars are handheld weapons that can fire an explosive round over a large distance. How it worked is by lighting the grenade and inserting it into the barrel of the weapon, before using gunpowder to fire it at an enemy.

It was used between the 16th and 18th centuries although it turned out to be unreliable offering several safety concerns.

10. Armatix Digital Revolver


The Armatix Digital Revolver is the futuristic gun only seen in movies. It has a digital safety which can only be disabled if the user is wearing a special wristwatch that will send the unlock signal to the gun. To activate the wristwatch itself the user must use their fingerprint.

The use of your fingerprint then allows specially authorized users to fire the gun, preventing the weapon from being used against the owner or stolen.

11. Joseph Enouy’s 8-cylinder

48-shot percussion revolver

Dated 1855, the Enough revolver was a design patented by Joseph Enough of Middlesex, England. According to the Museum of Artifacts, “As you may have guessed, this weapon is very heavy, unbalanced and unwieldy at the same time.”

“Due to the magazine wheel in front, the user can’t carry this revolver in his pocket or a holster either.” Each cylinder holds six shots with eight different cylinders attached to a magazine wheel.

Records indicate that very few of these were actually manufactured, in fact, the picture above may be the only one in existence.

12. Triple Barrel, 18-shot Pistola con Caricato Revolver

The Pistola con Caricato is a three-barrel, 18 shot revolver developed in Italy. The gun has four different settings that allow the shooter to select which barrel to fire from. What’s also fascinating is that the gun can also be set to fire from all three barrels simultaneously.

According to News Atlas, “The revolver was manufactured in Italy during the early part of the 20th century, complete with three barrels and 18 chambers in 6.35 x 16 mm semi-rimmed caliber (.25 ACP). Unfortunately, the Pistola Con Caricato has apparently been sold to a Russian collector, so if you were looking to add a triple-barrel pistol to your collection, you’ll probably have to make one yourself.”

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