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This Lamp Has A Levitating Switch That Floats In Mid-Air When Your Turn It On

“Heng” is Chinese for balance and when Chinese designer Li Zan Wen created the Heng Balance Lamp, creating Zen is what was truly on Wen’s mind.

When we think of regular lamps we know exactly where the switch is, however with Wen’s new design the switch is in the most unusual of places. In the center of the lamp is where you find the levitating switch.

Based on traditional Chinese round fans and window frames, Wen’s design places lights inside the ring-shaped frame which then illuminates the frame. The unorthodox lamp breaks from tradition creating an ethereal ambiance in any room it inhabits.

Switching on the light in mid-air

The Heng Balance Lamp completely shattered its funding goal on Kickstarter and has been officially funded!

It will run you about $44 and you can pre-order yours here. Shipping is estimated to be around June of this year.

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