Gordon Ramsay Insults From Hell’s Kitchen Hilariously Dubbed Over Masterchef Junior

If you’ve seen Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay insults, you know it’s anything but smooth sailing for aspiring chefs.

You know it’s full of insults, cursing tirades, and a red-faced pissed off Gordon — most of the time. It’s terrifying but there’s a reason why Gordon is so successful.

Now, some genius dubbed several of Gordon’s tirades over a Masterchef Junior montage and the results were absolutely hilarious.

Oftentimes, they are berated by Gordon for mistakes and bad dishes. Granted, Gordon is only trying to make them better chefs and if brutal honesty is what it’s going to take to pump out great cooks, cursing up a storm and hurling insults at them is the method to his madness.

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