He Drank 10 Cokes A Day For An Entire Month, And The Results Were Quite Shocking



Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drink nothing but Coca Cola everyday for an entire month? Let me rephrase that, how about 10 Cokes everyday for a month? Well, if your curious…. here’s what happens. 50-year-old George Prior, decided to do just that, for an entire month he drank 10 Cokes and documented the changes to his body. During that time period, he kept the same routine, but just added the Cokes.

Day 1

Two weeks later… Body fat increase of 50%

30 days after… He gained a total of 23 pounds, had high blood pressure and low energy

Now, OBVIOUSLY (I know what your thinking), this really goes with any soda, not just Coke. And yes, you could eat ten of something else with the same amount of sugar and end up the same way. But that’s not the point, the goal of Prior’s experiment was “to raise awareness about how much sugar you drink every day, and to remind you how unhealthy it is.”  I honestly know people who drink up to five sodas a day, and many American’s take in the sugar equivalent to ten Cokes…. So remember, just grab that water instead next time.

Day 1 on left, day 30 on right

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