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Have A Spirit With A Spirit In One Of The Most Haunted Bars In The World

This Pre-Civil War bar on popular Bourbon Street in New Orleans was once a hiding place for runaway slaves. Now, the trendy establishment has its employees dreading certain areas of the old bar because of the ghosts that reside here.

While not much is known about the history of The Alibi Bar, it remains one of the best bars in New Orleans. It was built long ago, however it mainly served for commercial purposes in a commercial area.

There are a few theories about the attic: the first theory is that it was where slaves passed through to get to the Underground Railroad while another theory suggests that it was a place to chain up slaves. Both theories are possible based on eyewitness evidence.

Some speculated that during a time prior to the Civil War, one of the owners of the building at that time used the attic to chain down his/her slave children when they weren’t working.

A few fatal incidents that did happen was the sudden death of an employee, Davie, and a stabbing behind the bar area. Similar locations where slaves have hidden to escape capture are often haunted and have residual energy of that emotional time. Employees say they feel an extreme heaviness when they enter the attic.

It’s described as a very unpleasant atmosphere. Employees have also heard screaming and frightening crying here.



The apparition of chained, slave children is another manifestation seen by witnesses. An angry spirit resides behind the bar that throws silverware, glasses and bottles at the living and on the floors. The misty entity of Davie — still attempting to report to work and wait on customers is seen at the service entry way and the bar itself.


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