The Giant Harpy Eagle Looks Like A Human Dressed In A Bird Costume

If there were ever a more menacing bird it would definitely be the mythical-looking Harpy Eagle.

This beautiful creature was discovered by Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus and documented in his book Systema Naturae, in 1758 as Vultur harpyja, after the mythological beast harpy.

The harpy eagle typically inhabits tropical lowland rainforests from Mexico to Brazil, and the northern part Argentina.

The eagle looks very uncanny in person and in photos as it almost looks like a human wearing a bird suit.

The Harpy Eagle

The largest eagle in the world

Image credits: birds.nature

They can weigh up to 27 pounds

Image credits: animalplanet

They look like a human wearing a bird costume

Image credits: leon_moore

Can reach nearly 4 ft in height

Image credits: Mitternacht90

Have a wingspan of up to 7 ft

Image credits: cuatrok77

Just look at its talons!

Image credits: Judie Custer

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