This Cool Handwriting Robot Is So Incredibly Satisfying To Watch

I have a feeling this pen is going to come in handy for brides and graduates who have a ton of thank you notes to write following their events. The AxiDraw is a simple modern pen plotter which is capable of writing and drawing on flat surfaces by itself. The pen can write with fountain pens and permanent markers and can even draw objects larger than the machine itself .

“It allows you to use your computer to produce writing that appears to be handmade, complete with the unmistakable appearance of using a real pen (as opposed to an inkjet or laser printer) to address an envelope or sign one’s name.”

The pen can be used for:

Formal invitations
Place cards for formal dining
Signing diplomas and other certificates
Addressing envelopes and boxes
“Hand-written” wine lists and menus at restaurants
Decorating lunch bags
Computer generated artwork
Technical drawing
Thank you notes and cards
Writing signatures

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