29 The Most Creative Halloween Costume Ideas Ever

Who doesn’t love a completely creative Halloween costume?! Especially when they come out looking like the ones you see below.

There are no limits when it comes to creating your own costume this Halloween. Just take a page out of one of these books and you’ll be on your way.

I’m pretty sure you won’t run into anyone this year with the same costume if you do. In case your looking for something this year, these Halloween costume ideas are just perfect.

#1 Fancy Rain Costume


#2 Alien


#3 Vincent Van Gogh Costume


#4 Old Black & White Movie Characters

4credit: Whitney Avalon

#5 Steampunk Frankenstein


#6 Jet Pack Costume

#7 Woman Battling Cancer As Mr. Clean


#8 Head In A Box

#9 Zombie Audrey Hepburn


#10 Peter Pan And His Shadow Cosplay

#11 The Leg Lamp From “a Christmas Story”

11credit: Josh Sundquist

#12 Cage


#13 Shining Halloween Costume

#14 Power Loader Baby From “aliens”

#15 Peter Pan and his shadow

#16 Awesome snake costume

credit: imgur

#17 Zombie Baby Costume


#18 Slender Man


#19 Magritte’s The Son Of Man Costume

#20 Mask of my face

credit: imgur

#21 Randy Marsh

#22 Baby president and secret service

credit: amberilyn

#23 Kidnapped Mermaid Costume


#24 friend and his daughter dressed as a Work Loader from Aliens

credit: rdt156

#25 The Ruined Ecce Homo Painting

#26 One Night Stand Costume

#27 Nikon Camera

#28 Miley Cyrus


#29 The Sims


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h/t Bored Panda

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